Complete access.
Complete control.
Complete ownership.

Your data will always be your data. Miinome provides the highest levels of encryption, authentication and storage security for your information. Our platform is built around a multi-layer consent, access control model that allows us to provide flexible access while protecting sensitive data and privacy with the most granular controls possible. If you ever choose to leave, you can delete all your data – or take it with you in the form of a Portable Genomic Profile.


It’s your DNA.
It’s your data.
Now use it.

Miinome strives to bring you only the best possible recommendations and dividends derived from your data. You opt-in to get recommendations based on your own personal genetic traits, and only with your explicit consent will trait data be shared within our trusted and secure framework to support specially curated, personalized recommendations. You have complete control over your data, with the ability to choose how and where you share your data – or add, delete or modify your engagement levels at any time.


Genetic Enlightenment
Informed Decisions

We give you information to make your genome actionable and useful every day. Because your recommendations are based only from the traits you feel comfortable sharing, you have complete control. Nothing you don’t want or need, just real insights and useful tools and valuable opportunities – in wellness, lifestyle, and every day living.

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